Keyless Access

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Why would I want one of these locks on my apartment?

  • Keyless access: you can get into the building and your apartment without having to carry keys or a key fob.
  • Flexibility: you can change your PIN any time if you’re concerned about someone learning it or if you don’t want someone who knows it to be able to access the building anymore (that’s easier than tracking down any spare keys!).
  • This new system allows you to control visitor access without depending on the concierge or having to come down and get them. When you want to let friends, family, or service providers (babysitters, dog walkers, food delivery, etc.) up to your apartment or into it, you can quickly and easily request a temporary PIN that will let them up to your apartment, but not onto every floor in the building.
  • In numerous surveys among residents of upscale apartment buildings, keyless entry is the second most desired smart home amenity for renters, right behind security cameras. We’re proud to be among the leading apartment communities in the country to provide these amenities for our residents.

How do I know this is safe from hacking?

Are you tracking me every time I enter my apartment?

Any access control system – including the one that we replaced – logs entries as a basic security requirement. The benefit of this system is that the information is easier for us to access if it’s ever needed for safety or security reasons. For example, without keyless access, if someone made a copy of your key and walked into your apartment, we would have no way to even confirm that it happened, much less gather the information that could help us investigate the situation.

Can I get locked out of my apartment if the wi-fi stops working?

No. Wi-fi is only used to update codes and record events on the lock, but the locks operate independently of a wi-fi connection once the codes have been loaded. If your lock loses wi-fi connectivity or if the building loses power, you’ll still be able to access your apartment.

What if other residents start giving out their PINs?

What happens if the battery dies in the keypad?

The system notifies us if a battery is dying and maintenance will be asked to replace the batteries ASAP. If you are concerned about the battery in your lock, just place a maintenance request through Entrata and we’ll look into it right away.

What if I don’t want to touch a keypad?

If you don’t want to use a PIN in public areas, you can request a fob for building access/amenity use while keeping a keyless PIN for your apartment.

How do I lock the door from the outside in an emergency?

Our Yale locks include a privacy mode feature that locks the lock from the inside and disables access from the outside keypad. Just lock your deadbolt and press and hold the small black button beneath the deadbolt knob until it beeps four times. To disable privacy mode, just press the black button again or unlock your door.

When do short-term guest key pins expire?

Is Homesharing/hospitality rental the motivation for this?

  1. No. This is an enhanced benefit that will soon be widespread throughout apartment buildings nationwide due to the fact that it’s the second most desired smart home amenity for renters, right behind security cameras. We’re excited to be one of the first apartment complexes to integrate this smart technology in our resident experience.
  2. We beta tested this technology with Homesharing hosts because they were willing to experiment with us, but we believe that smart locks provide benefits to all of our residents (see above) in terms of both security and convenience, which is why we’re installing them throughout the building.

What about the following?

  • No problem, just come to the front desk and let us know. We’ll generate a new PIN and email it to you on the spot.

  • You won’t need a fob anymore if you want to use your PIN throughout the building, but fobs will continue to work in common areas and elevators just as they do today. You may need to request a new fob to work with the new system.

  • Yes, codes are stored locally on the lock and are not tied to an external power source. A power or wi-fi outage will not lock you out of your apartment home.

  • This is not a feature that is being offered right now

What is Butterfly MX?

Butterfly MX is a video call box system that allows you to see your visitors and give them access into the building using their mobile phones. You can get instructions from the community’s front office on how to sign up for and use the service.

What about Installation?