Sentral FAQs

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Why Sentral

  • Sentral best encapsulates our brand vision to redefine the meaning of home. With Sentral, we will deliver a brand-consistent experience across all our locations and trail-blaze a new way for people to live, travel and work for any length of time in the world's most vibrant urban locations.

  • Sentral is a network of urban residential communities that is answering to a new generation of consumers who want flexibility in how they live, work, and travel. This new category in flexible living, called Home+, combines the comforts of home with the adventure of travel. Qualifying residents can also monetize their home through Sentral’s managed homeshare program, providing the financial freedom to live economically and earn when traveling the world. With locations in Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago, and Miami, our network continues to grow.

  • The word "Sentral" is unique and ownable, and yet surprisingly familiar. Just as our offering is changing the market and re-defining home, our name too is novel and refreshing. Accessibly pronounceable, "Sentral" means home and a lot more.

  • Sentral is a new category in urban living that offers the comforts of home but amplified to meet freedom and adventure. The + closes the gap between staying in and going away with the comforts and amenities offered. Flexibility and freedom are now a lifestyle choice and not a luxury.

  • It is pronounced just like the word "central" referring to the life and possibilities around us. Imagine it as a verb, used casually and interchangeably with the generic alternative: "let's Sentral when we get to Seattle." With the exciting new changes, Sentral will encourage our community of explorers to follow their passions and open the door to new perspectives and opportunities. Sentral is a new kind of freedom for all of us–we're here for the explorers and all places they want to be.

  • Sentral Yellow, our brand color, was created to showcase our warmth, energy, and optimism. A unique hue in the market, we sought to make a bold statement that would serve as a beacon to our community of explorers, guiding them home–whether home for a day, a month, or a year.

Our Brand

Our Values

Our Customers

Our Communities

  • There are nine communities currently in the Sentral network located in six vibrant gateway cities (Los Angeles, Austin, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Miami), with rapid growth planned. Our hope is that you’ll find Sentral in all NFL cities in the future.

  • Each property is locally grounded and was named by neighborhood they reside in. When there is more than one property in a single neighborhood, we incorporate the street addresses to distinguish between them. The logo “Sentral” will always stand alone.

    Previous Name Sentral Name
    The Grace on Spring Sentral DTLA at 732 S. Spring
    The Griffin on Spring Sentral DTLA at 755 S. Spring
    Union Denver Sentral Union Station
    The Perry Sentral First Hill
    Chroma SLU Sentral SLU
    The Bradley Sentral Wynwood
    The Essex on Park Sentral Michigan Avenue
    Indie Sentral East Austin at 1630 E. Sixth
    Candela Sentral East Austin at 1614 E. Sixth
  • Each property will still have what makes it unique, but with the assets and connections of Sentral’s larger network. Each property will keep the inspiration and things that make them unique while increasing access to more amenities under the Sentral network, including a continuous thread of service, the opportunity to travel (LIVE or STAY) between the Sentral network, and homesharing through our managed homesharing program. All properties will now be featured under one cohesive brand website for easy access, and each property will enjoy regular product enhancements to ensure we are keeping up with the latest technologies

  • No. There are no new owners.

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