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Do we have onsite security?

Every Sentral community maintains a contract with a licensed, local courtesy patrol company. If you have any questions, please contact the office team to get details specific to your community, including a phone number for onsite patrol emergency contact.

What precautions are in place for keyless access during an emergency or if a pin is given out and abused?

Following is a brief list of several security features and specifics:

  • Keyless lock access will still work during a power outage. The codes are stored locally on the lock and are not tied to an external power source, so you will not be locked out in the event of a power outage.
  • After a thorough evaluation, we have selected Yale locks. Yale has been a leader in lock manufacturing and innovation since 1840. Yale products are hardened and secure and are used in office, commercial and residential buildings in more than 120 countries around the world. They use strict security procedures to protect against hacking.
  • For your privacy and safety, Yale locks can be set to only open from the inside. Our Yale locks include a privacy mode feature that locks the lock from the inside and disables access from the outside keypad. To enable, simply lock your deadbolt and press and hold the small black button beneath the deadbolt knob until it beeps four times. To disable privacy mode, just press the black button again or unlock your door.
  • PINs given to Homeshare/hospitality guests are only good for the duration of their stay. They start on the day of check-in and automatically expire on the day of check-out.
  • Our system proactively alerts us to any excessive PIN usage (like a big party) by either homeshare guests or residents. In the event of such an alert, the property team is dispatched to immediately investigate.
  • As secure as the system is, it’s important to your part to secure your code. Please conceal typing in your personal PIN so it isn’t seen by others and potentially used without your permission. If you prefer a fob (for building access) or a hard key (for your apartment home), simply ask the front desk.

Please refer to the Smart Home Technologies & Features section regarding all questions and additional details related to the NoiseAware and Keyless Entry Systems.

How do I get notified of emergency situations?